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Summer Fishing 2010

After one of the coldest winters in England for several years we are now moving towards summer, the Saturday trio fished all through the cold months and we now look forward to leaving the thermal suits & boots at home. Early morning sunrises and late sunsets, let us get out earlier on a Saturday and after work on Tuesdays

The fisheries are once again coming alive after the cold, the fish have spawned and we hope they are going to feed.Tactics will remain the same, on the bottom to start with and up in the water during the course of the session.

After fishing through the ice and snow over winter, it's good to have dry weather along with some sunshine.The fish will be feeding better and it's all about finding out what the fish want , over winter we were fishing for bites, now we should have plenty of action.

The scenery has also changed,gone are the dark bleak featureless days of winter, the trees have blossomed and are once again green .All the birds & wildlife have been busy breeding.We now have young ducklings,moorhens,coots & goslings sailing through the swims looking for any left over feed.The air is filled with the sounds of the birds calling to their mates, the smell of cut grass, swallows skirting over the water, dragonflies resting on the pole , summer is finally here! it's great to be out on the bank at this time of year.

It's also time to change to heavier elastics for summer fishing, for the margins I have a size 20 elastic and for the longer line size 15. My rig line is 6lbs straight through and hook sizes vary.Baits will be larger as I am now targeting the bigger fish in the pools, prawn seems to work well in the margins and I feed with maggots while lifting and dropping the bait

Time to get out on the water and hopefully some good size fish caught

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