Stoat Hall Latest Outing March 6th 2010

stoat hall steve howard
stoat hall steve howard
stoat hall steve howard

Saturday was here again and today we chose to visit Stoat Hall fishery in Bretherton Lancashire.Weather conditions at home were very mild but as we approached Stoat hall conditions were becoming icy once again and the possibility the waters may be frozen.On arrival at the fishery we found that there was a match on pool 2 so Nelson and myself opted for pool 1, while Steve went onto pool 3

Pool 1 is not very large so tactics would be pole only working 2 swims and the margins later in the day.There is an island feature and my peg was to the right of the island.I started off at a 10 o'clock position with about 2 feet of water at 8.5 metres.I put in some micro pellets and had breadpunch for hookbait.Half an hour passed before I had my first fish which was a small roach on the bottom.

I had a top 2 with a good size elastic in as there are some big carp in this water, the bites I was getting were from small roach and I bumped a few so out came my fine elastic top 2 . I was using .18mm 6lb line straight through with a size 18's hook.Once I had changed over I began to catch small roach and skimmers.

I began to feed my second 12 oclock swim position .In went micros maggots and casters,this swim was also shallow .I continued to catch in swim 1 using maggots and breadpunch.Bites slowed down so I changed to the 12 o'clock swim.It took a while to catch my first fish a skimmer but more were to follow and several were quite big

Both swims went very quiet so at about 12.30 I decided to join Steve on pool 3 , Nelson had joined him earlier due to his swim not producing many fish.

Steve had fished pool 3 all day and had struggled for the first hour or so to get the fish going, he moved swims and soon found he was among the fish.He was catching steady when I joined him .I chose to fish the oppoite bank and at 7.5mtrs I had about 6 feet of water in front of me.To my left the water shallowed and it was apparent that the bottom was sloping towards the center of the pool.

I chose to use a soft expander pellet for bait and was surprised when I hit a fish the first time I put the rig in the water.It was a small common carp of about 2lbs and was good sport on the light elastic. The weather changed and it became very cold, I struggled for bites after this fish ,maybe the weather had something to do with it.

I tried a couple of postions to try and find the fish but without luck, there were fish topping but nothing happening.Towards the end of the day I began to catch good sized roach on the drop on maggots and casters. Steve was still catching steadliy and had a really good days fishing . I always have my camera with me and once again I was joined by a local Robin, this chap was a bit of a poser as you can see from the photos.

Stoat Hall is a pleasant fishery, there are 3 pools to choose from and parking is close to the pegs.Day ticket was £6 and toilet facilities are via a porta loo . We have had some good days fishing in the warmer months and will be making a return visit later in the year.

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