Staunton Court Fishery
Staunton Court Fishery
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Staunton Court June 2011

June 28th and the day got off to a bad start,Nelson had broken his landing net on the first day and was using my spare net.On our way to Staunton Court I got a call from Steve,he had no landing net as I had put his into the van by mistake.I dropped Nelson off at Staunton Court and made my way back for a halfway meet with Steve.

Finally I arrived back and chose a peg that would give me an option of fishing upto an island

I put in some micros and started on punched meat,it was about 3 feet deep a foot away from the island,first time in the float burried and I was into a good sized skimmer

There were plenty more to follow and all around the 1lb mark,fish a chuck

There were carp moving around near the surface and I could here them sucking at the reeds on the island, I decided to shallow up slightly and put a piece of prawn on the hook.It was not long before I was into a decent sized common carp

This was the biggest fish I had caught on my new pole to date,it certainly handled the fish well,so a big thanks goes to Steve & the guys at "Leigh Tackle & Bait" for putting me onto the pole along with setting the pole top kits up for me

The fish was soon on the bank and around the 8lbs mark,I had another one not long after,this time a mirror of about the same size

I was catching all day long and had several more smaller carp,the day was drawing to a close and for the last couple of hours I decided to try some paste in the margins to my right.There were plenty of swirls around me and it was fish after fish,some were good sized bream.

The final hour was to be the most memorable of my week away.The float went under and when I struck it was soon going across the pool at great speed, I was into a big fish.The pole was to get a real test now,after about 15 minutes I landed my personal best carp,a common of 15lbs, after a quick photo I returned the fish safely into the water.There are toilets and a tackle shop on site,day ticket was £7

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