How to tie the Slip knot in 6 easy steps

slip step1
slip step2
slip step3
Step 1:
Pass the mainline through the eye of the float and load the bulk shot & dropper shot below the float
Step 2:
To create the slip knot another piece of line is required approx 8inches long, I use a different colour to the mainline, so that the knot can be seen easily when in use.Pass the 8inch piece of line around the mainline at the backside of the float & tie a loop
Step 3:
Holding the loop , pass one end of the line through the loop again, this gives the second turn and is all what is required to create this knot
slip step4
slip step5
slip step6
Step 4:
Gently draw the loop together, but not too tight
Step 5:
With the knot tightened, trim the ends of the knot to approx 1 inch long each side of the knot
Step 6:
The knot should now look like this