monument carp
monument carp
monument carp
monument carp
monument carp
monument common carp

The Monument

After a recent visit to my local tackle shop Leigh Tackle & Bait, one of the guys who works in the shop,Chris Holland showed me some photos of a couple of carp he had caught at the Monument in Shropshire.

Chris is a specimen angler and the photo's to the left show his catches over several sessions.

Details of the rig & bait used to catch these fish.

All fish caught on pop up corn on a semi stiff hinged rig.Rig consists of 8" Korda Hybrid Stiff 20lb with the chod section of the rig made up from 15lb Korda Mouth trap at 2 1/2" long.

Hook pattern,Korda Choddy size 10.

Lead arrangement was a 3.5 oz square pear,helicopter syle on 4 feet of ESP Leadcore.

The rig was fished over a bed of corn,milk,rock salt & crushed Cell Boilies.

Baiting style was little & often , 3 spombs every two hours, Chris told me his secret to picking the bigger fish off, but i'm sworn to secrecy.

Chris uses Bait-tech Sweet Coconut Method Mix & Mainline Cell Boilies during his sessions out on the bank.

Fish Weights working from top of page down.

34lbs 4oz

30lbs 8oz

28lbs 7oz

32lbs 12oz

24lbs 8oz

32lbs 5oz

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