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Partridge Lakes Marsh Canal March 2017

My Latest venture out was to Partridge Lakes in Culcheth.I'd been the week before and fancied another go at the F1 style of fishing.If i'm going to achieve my goal of breaking may 43lb PB then I need to get some practise in.The weather was dry with 10 degrees on the thermometer but it had been raining a lot over the past couple of days and a lot of cold water would have gone into the lake.

Marsh Canal was open for day tickets, I chose peg 5 as it would allow me to fish at 12 to 13mtrs without breaking the pole down.I opted for two swims on the far bank and two down the track.Far bank rig was a RW 4 x 10 wire stem with 3 No 12 droppers and a 4 inch hooklength. Track floats were an RW 4 x 14 wire stem with strung out No 10's and a Big H 4 x 12 carbon stem again with strung out No 10's both had 4 inch hooklengths to a size 20 Kamasan B611 hook.

All the rigs had about 30inch of line between pole tip and float and back shots.Plan for the day was to feed approx 20 maggots every 20 minutes in the two track swims and start on 4mm expander across to the far bank.

I started on the far bank with a 4mm expander and tapped in a few micros,after about 30 minutes I'd not had any indications so decided to try maggot, this brought several small roach and gudgeon.After about and hour I had my first F1, I only managed another 4 from the far bank swims.

I primed the maggot swims for about 3 hours and when I tried them with single white maggot on the hook, I got several indications on my first put in and after 5 minutes caught an F1.It was hard going and I put it down to the amount of rain over the recent days,my total for the 5 hour session was 10 F1's plus a decent sized Ide.

Elastics for the day were white hydro for the far bank and prestons solid No 10 for down the track,all rigs had .125mm dia line with .104mm dia hooklengths.

Day ticket was £7

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