steve slone with carp
steve howard with tench
German Lane carp
German Lane skimmer
German Lane roach
F1 carp
F1 carp

March 2011

March 5th saw the trio heading for German Lane Near Euxton, Chorley.It was a cold day with a strong northerly breeze , we were first on the main pool and opted for pegs at the top end . I started at a 12 o'clock position and had approx 5 feet 2 inches at 9 mtrs. I was going to feed micros and use soft pellet for bait to target the large skimmers in the pool.

It was not long before I was into a decent skimmer and more were to follow, the swim began to fizz and I new there were plenty of fish present.I was catching steadily and then I hit into a carp, it was not very big but gave a good fight against my light set up.

Nelson and Steve were catching well and they both had a decent tench each, it was a good day out and we all caught plenty of fish.

March 12th saw myself heading over to Vulcan Reservoir Newton-Le-Willows AA,it was a wet and windy day but I had a good days fishing with several carp & tench being caught along with the usual suspects, skimmers & roach

March 19th saw the trio heading to Croft Fisheries near Adlington, it was a cold start to the day.We chose to fish the main pool and opted for pegs at the far end.The fishing was slow to start, possibly due to the temperature dropping over night.

When the weather warmed up the fish came onto feed, I had several small tench and a good few F1 carp, with an hour to go I hit into a large carp, I wasn't expecting it and I was only using a light set up.After about 10 minutes the fish was near the net, I went to slip the net under it and to my horror it pulled off.I was gutted, it looked a double figure fish and would definately been my best fish of the year.

2011 Outings

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croft ducks
golden rudd
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