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 steve at croft pool
golden orfe?
toad at croft pool
steve h at croft pool

Croft Fishery March 2012

Saturday 24th March saw Nelson,Steve & myself heading for Croft Fishery Adlington.There are three pools and we decided to fish the largest pool.

Weather was warm & bright for a change, we paid our peg fees at the hut and made our way down to the pool.

We have fished this pool before several times and caught well, I chose a peg that I have not fished before, Steve & Nelson were to my right.

My plan for today was to start at 11 metres on 4mm soft pellet,later I was going to try maggot,meat and casters.All the baits produced fish but small pieces of meat worked best.

I potted in a few micro pellets and put a 4mm white candy pellet on the hook, there was a good depth of water in front of me and in went my line.

The bites are very shy on this pool so my choice of rig was a prestons roach .5g float with diawa 5lbs main line.diawa 3lbs hooklength,hook was a kamsan B911 size 18.

The float was dotted down to a pimple, the pool is well stocked and it wasn't long before I was catching.

I began with several big bream between 2 & 3 pounds, Steve was amongst the bream also .

I was catching steady all day with a variety of fish coming to the net, I had one fish which I assumed was a golden orfe? it was a good weight.

There are plenty of F1 carp in this pool and I had a good few during my session, best being about 3lbs.I hit into a bigger fish but it pulled off.

We all caught well and will be going back later in the year

Day ticket was £5 with good toilet facilities also on site

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 F1 carp
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