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Knots & Things Page

There are lots of knots that are used for tying line,hooks swivels etc, I keep it simple & only use 5 which I have listed below

The Palomar Knot is possibly the easiest knot to tie, it is great for tying on eyed hooks & swivels

The Grinner Knot is slighty more complicated but is a strong knot for swivels & lead bombs etc

The Knotless Knot is used for tying eyed hooks with a hair rig, you can tie the knot without the hairloop if required, it still works

The Four Turn Water Knot is what I use when tying on swim feeders to the mainline ,I also use it when fishing light to extend the mainline if I need extra depth, very easy to master

The slip Knot is based on a similar style to the four turn water knot & is used when fishing in deep water using a slider float

All the above knots will improve your fishing & will reduce the chances of losing the fish of a lifetime due to a badly tied hook

Click on the links for photo's showing how to the tie the above knots

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