How to tie the Knotless knot in 11 easy steps

Loop forming tool
The small plastic tool shown above is an invaluable tool as this will allow all your hair loops to be of constant size.They are inexpensive and cost about a pound in most tackle shops
Step 1:
Tie a loose overhand knot as shown above
Step 2:
Holding the loose knot, pass the small loop over the larger prong of the tool and the larger loop over the small prong
Step 3:
Gently draw the loops tight & ease the loop off the small prong , continue to draw the remaining small loop tight against the large prong
Step 4:
The loop should now look like this image and can be removed from the large prong
Step 5:
The hair loop is complete & ready to be threaded through the eye of the hook.The length of the hooklength is down to personal choice & the line should now be cut to length

With steps 1 to 5 carried out, lets move onto steps 6 to 11
Step 6:
Thread the hooklength through the back of the hook & set the length of hair to suit the bait being used, you can attach the bait first to aid setting the distance of the bait from the end of the hook
Step 7:
With the length of the hair set, carefully wind the line around the shank of the hook approx 8 to 10 times, towards the point of the hook, number of turns will vary with larger hook sizes
Step 8:
With the line now wound on 8 to 10 turns, return the line back through the eye of the hook
Step 9:
Gently tighten the knot
Step 10:
While finally tightening the knot, wet the knot with saliva & pull tight (do not put the hook into your mouth)
Step 11:
Tie a loop at the other end of the line for connecting to the mainline, the hooklength should look like this