nelson with carp at greenheys
nelson on pole court farm
 court farm upper pool
nelson with court farm carp
steve howard at biddlestone pool
biddlestone pool
Ian Howard with 16lbs biddlestone  carp

Hereford Trip Final Part 2011

After my memorable day at Staunton Court,there were only a few days left of the 2011 Hereford Trip.Prior to Staunton we had fished Court Farm upper pool at Tillington,we had another good days fishing with plenty of carp caught.

We had also fished Greenyheys near Ross-On-Wye,it was my first time here and I chose a peg that gave me some shade from the baking hot sun. Nelson was amongst the big fish again,photo's to the left of Nelson at Greenheys & in action at Court Farm.

We paid a visit to Biddlestone Pool and for Ian, Steve's Son, it was to be his best day with a 16lbs carp and the biggest fish of the trip.Once again the weather was glorious and we were all catching fish.

Our penultimate venue was Castle Green Pool near Leigh Sinton,none of us had fished it before so a new water and a new challenge.We fished Kingfisher Pool. I chose an end peg at the far end of the pool,there were signs of fish moving and it was not long before we were all catching.

I was using tiny pieces of meat & pellet and was catching small carp in the margins,the fish were in great condition and with great scale patterns also.

My biggest fish was approx 3lbs but Mark & Ian had some touching 5 to 6 lbs,it was another good days fishing.

The final day arrived in what seemed like the quickest week of the year,Steve & Nelson headed for home,while Ian & Mark fancied Woodland View near Droitwich.I decided it was back over to Larford Lakes to fish the specimen pool.I paid my peg fee and wandered down to the bank.I chose peg 6 and set myself up.

It was to be a pole only day and I started at a 12 o'clock position with 8 feet of water in front of me, 6mm soft pellet on the hook and it was not long before I was getting bites,small roach.

I decided to give meat a go and began to catch decent sized skimmers,there were carp up in the water but did not seem interested in feeding.The day came to an end and it was time to head for home after a great week of fishing.

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Castle Green Farm
Linear carp
Larford Lakes peg 6 specimen pool
larford lake skimmer
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