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 mirror carp
 margin swim
 common carp

Hall Lane Fishery March 2017

One of my goals for 2017 is to fish in an open match and beat my PB weight, I've been watching a few videos on youtube and looking at my rigs.Today I decided to travel to Hall Lane fishery near Rufford and try a few things out.There are plenty of carp in Bess's pool and last year I had some very good sessions here.

It was a warm, bright and sunny day and after having a look around I chose peg 58, as I walked down to the peg there were a few fish showing so I was hoping it would be a good session.The lake is quite wide and the far bank is 13 to 14 metres across.Plan for today was to fish long at the bottom of the far shelf on expander and later in the day down the edge on maggot.

Rig set up for the 12mtr swim was an RW 4 x 14 wire stem float with a strung out bulk ,margin swim was an RW 4 x 12 wire stem float with a strung out bulk.Mainline for both rigs was .125mm dia with a 4 inch .104mm dia hooklength and a size 20 kamasan B611 hook.

I started at 12 mtrs across with micros & 4mm expanders, it did not take long before I had my first fish a small skimmer,after several more I hit into a carp and more were to follow for the next couple of hours.I had a mixture of common and mirror carp from this swim with some fish touching 4lbs and all very lively.

In the afternoon I decided to fish in the margins on maggot, I sprinkled in a few maggots and lowered my rig in over the top, pretty soon it was being ripped out by a good sized common.I kept repeating the feeding and was getting plenty of bites and fish.

Elastics were white hydro for across and Prestons Dura hollow 8 for the margins, I had a good session ending up with 23 carp and a good few skimmers and roach.

Day ticket was £7

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