How to tie the Four Turn Water knot in 6 easy steps

Step 1:
To tie the fourturn water knot to the mainline, take a second piece of line approx 18 inch long & lay at the side of the mainline .The length of the line for attaching the feeder or extending the mainline depends on personal choice & what you are trying to achieve
Step 2:
With the ends of the lines level ,using your left hand, hold the feeder line approx 3 inches from the end towards the reel & form a large loop.
Step 3:
With the large loop formed it is just a case of threading the open ends of the lines back through the loop another 3 times to create the fourth turn.
Step 4:
Gently draw the loose ends tight
Step 5:
Before finally tightening the knot, wet the knot with saliva & pull tight
Step 6:
Trim the line to suit and the knot should look like this, in this instance I have used the fourturn water knot to connect a cage feeder to the mainline.The length of the line for the cage feeder & hook is all down to personal choice & should be trimmed accordingly