Early Morning,Cunneries Fishery
 Steve Slone at Cunneries Fishery
Skimmer Bream
Crucian Carp
Mirror Carp

The Cunneries Fishery April 2011

Saturday April 16th saw Nelson and myself heading for the Cunneries Fishery near Eccleston.It was a 5.45am start as this water is popular, we arrived at the fishery and there were already 3 anglers on the pool we intended to fish.

There were plenty of free pegs and we chose two that we have fished previously, it was dry and the sun was just starting to rise, there was mist on the pool and it was a glorious start to the day.

The pegs we fished are to the left as you walk onto the pool, the water is deeper at this end, while I was setting up there was plenty of topping and swirling going on,hopefully we were going to have a good days fishing.

My peg was opposite the end of the second island and I opted to start at a 2 o'clock position, depth was approx four feet three inches deep at 9 metres.I fed some micros,hemp and maggots and started off on double maggot.It was only a matter of minutes before the float buried and I was into a skimmer

Bubbles began to rise and I knew there were plenty of fish in the swim, I was catching plenty of skimmers and roach.I decided to try a small piece of punched meat, this had an instant response and several large beam were brought to the net.The meat was working well and the swim was fizzing with activity,all of a sudden the float went under and I was into a carp,after a short while I landed a mirror carp of approx 4 pounds.

The day went warmer and there were plenty of fish up in the water, this pool has lots of chub in it so I decided to shallow up to approx two feet deep.The end of the island looked like a good place to start, so I fired in some maggots, casters along with some hemp.I had the pole to thirteen metres and dropped my rig just short of the rushes,soon as it went in the float was ripped under, it's the first time I've used the pole at this distance so it was a bit scary to begin with,especially with a chub on the hook.

Maggots and soft pellet were the baits used and I lost count of the number of chub I caught, I also had a small F1 carp.In all today was probably one of the best days fishing I have had this year and all for a £5 day ticket.

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Nelson at the Cunneries
Nelson with skimmer Cunneries Fishery
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