Hereford "Biddlestone Pool " Latest Outing June/July 2010

Day two of the Hereford trip was here, another early start and we were on our way to Biddlestone Pool , the water is run by three counties fisheries and is close to the English/Welsh border.On arrival at the fishery there were several anglers already fishing, the weather was going to be very warm again so I wanted a peg with the sun behind me.

There is an island feature at the lower end of the pool as you walk on, unfortunately most of the pegs here were taken so we opted for ones on the left hand bank a little further up, I chose one with an overhanging tree , this to target any carp close in and also to offer me protection from the sun. It was very warm at 7.30 am and carp were basking all over the pool,this water has a good head of carp and having fished here previously I knew we would be in for a good day.

I decided to have a go under the overhanging tree to my left, on plumbing the depth the bottom of the pool sloped away, tactics would be to drop the line in and keep moving it slightly on the upslope.I chose 6mm soft pellet for starters and fed a few micros.First time in within seconds I had a bite and missed it, second time in I was soon into a small F1 carp,more F1 carp were to follow.

I was catching steady and prawn was producing larger common and mirror carp, nothing massive all around the 3lb mark, eventually the swim died down and I decided to change to a twelve o'clock position, at 8.5 mtrs.I had about 6 feet of water and the bottom sloped away from me.Corn was now to be the bait and having fed micros,hemp and corn big skimmers moved into the swim.I lost count of the numbers I had but some were touching the 2lb mark.

Steve was to my right , he was closer to the island and he chose to fish the waggler for starters up in the water, soft pellet was on the hook and he had several carp within the first hour, when it died down he went onto the pole same again catching steady all day.

All the other guys in our party were catching with plenty of fish being put on the bank, as the day wore on the sun got hotter & hotter and eventually I was at the side of the tree trying to keep cool with my umbrella up.The swim died down and I decided to have a go on the waggler, I was using maggot on the hook and feeding maggots, hemp & corn.There were fish up in the water and good sized skimmers and a few small carp came to the net.

We had a good day out at Biddlestone and the biggest fish of the day was around 14lbs which fell to Ian who was at the side of me, there are plenty of carp in this water and they were constantly cruising the swims up in the water.Tomorrow some of the party decided not to fish due to England playing Germany in the world cup, with hindsight we should have gone fishing as we got well and truly turned over.

Picture to the right is of an earlier visit , on this occasion we fished at the top end of the pool looking down towards the island feature

There are no toilets at the fishery and a day ticket was £7

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